03 November 2011

life of a geek

a Geek is a person who has a deep passion for things that are too complicated or too unimportant  for the so called "common" people , it can be for basic sciences or it can be for astronomy , it can be for gadgets (like yours truly ) it can also be for some form of art, the term is not definite it changes it's meaning from person to person ,but as the technology starts entering every field this term has been getting a more commonly accepted meaning ,a computer expert or a enthusiast , which is not that broad and in my opinion rather limits the meaning down too much ....... geeks can be too involved in their passion and just ignore the outside world, as something that just 'Exists' ,unimportant to the day to day life of a geek , we can spend hours and hours in doing something we love , not realizing it has been long as such, and it is that drive that makes us different , it is that force inside us that makes us geeks so hungry , we want to know it all , we want to do it all but above all we enjoy doing it all over and over without a slightest tinge of regret , being a geek is not easy , as many people assume , while most geeks are, many geeks out there [ including me ] are not the sharpest at the head. But ,we strive to learn what appeals to us , we be the ones who are many a times left out of the 'normal people , as well , but , we are not satisfied until the geek in us gets all the details to a concept or a thing we find interesting being a geek is not something that we want to do ,it's just that we can't resist to the hunger that lives inside us ,the hunger for knowledge , wanting to know more and more This blog is dedicated to that same hunger in me, in you , because ,
when we share we grow,
so, here i am sharing my life as a Gadget Geek   

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