20 December 2011

Change windows7 login background

Hello all readers,
Today at i'll show how to change your , windows login background in windows 7,without hacking your logonui.exe as was the case for xp & vista! It uses a simple registry entry and a .jpg file which is to be the new background i have automated the process in a batch file , check it out  yourself .........
 [ Download Here in the zip file]


  • Extract the files from the zip 
  • Double click on install.bat 
  • Click allow if you have UAC turned on
  • Then follow onscreen instructions 
  • Press ctrl+alt+del to see the new login
  • To change the image simply edit/replace the backgrounddefault.jpg and repeat the process 
  • if it wont work then just double click the *.reg file and then try it out :)
Remember that the image needs to be a jpeg smaller than 256kb in size
That's it, have fun with your new custom logins :) , i will wait for your responses in the comments section......