08 December 2011

Rogue touch-Pocket watch

The limited edition Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch is a futuristic take on the traditional.
Featuring an LCD display with touch screen technology, dual time, date and alarm, it brings a new dimension to the classic pocket watch.
Available in four display colors, the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch has a hybrid LCD/LED interface giving you the best of both worlds;
the LCD display is always on so the time can be read at a glance and the LED backlight function means it will light up on demand.
The touch screen display has four hot-zones (top, bottom, left, right). Simply touch with your finger to change mode; time, date, alarm, light up.
Holding your finger in place for a few seconds allows you to customise; hold your finger over the alarm zone to set the alarm, hold it over the time zone to set the time. It's intuitive, simple and fun to operate.
After 60 seconds the screen will lock to prevent accidental input, however the LED light up function can always be operated. To unlock the display, simply swipe your finger across the screen from left to right.

and dude i got only one word for these babies "AWE-fantastic-SOME" :D hehe....
nd i can onl thiink of "gotta catch em all" -pokemon lol