29 July 2012

Breathing new life into j2me/s40 phones

Many of us still got those old/less feature rich phones that only support java apps (j2me) and we don't expect anything out of them, except good battery back up and some music but,
the app stores for j2me have no apps what can we do right ?
So how are we to get good apps ? Good j2me apps are in reality
real scarce to find these days,so,
i am going to list a few apps that will make your day.you will no longer wish to send your phone on a suicide mission
This is my personal collection of the apps i use
(note: some of these apps are only useful if you have multitasking enabled ,
more on that later)

I will try to keep this updated as possible....

Apps: (utilities , and stuff)
  • Archiver Abhinav : an app that allows creation and extraction of compressed files (zip/rar etc.).
    must have if you download files on your phone Download here
  • jmp3tag: allows you to edit the track name artist album and the like in an mp3 file on the go on the phone itself Download here
  •  MobyExplorer 3.0: a file explorer with built in text editor and ability to rename file-extentions
    ,an ability absent from default file explorers on most phones , but  needed by almost  all power users.
    Download here
  • Albite reader : An e-book reader for Java Mobile , that reads *.epub,*.html, *.txt files decent ui and lotsa options for customization , one of the coolest feature is book specific bookmarks , i.e it will remember where you left a particular book even if you read 10 books it will remember all those books.Download here
  • Burn your photo NoW : an eyecandy app that allows you to give burning effect to a photo , no option to make a gif though.Download here
  • Opera mini : The most popular browser for phones(atleast j2me anyways) Download here
  • Google maps: you know it you love it , online only but works great. Download here
Games(I-clones and originals)

  • Mini Ninjas: Hiro is a young Ninja asked to save the world when the Evil Samurai Warlord hatches a fiendish plan to raise an army bent on world domination. Hiro must lead his band of Ninjas on an exciting journey to confront the Warlord in his Fortress of Doom. nice gameplay and good replay value. certainly one of my favorites . Download here
  • Angry Birds(Clone):popular angry birds, game works with both touch and non touch.
    fun to play on both the types . surprisingly physics engine is really quick on my s40 as well.Download here
  • High-speed 3D:a really good 3d racing game,best graphics on a j2me raceing game i have encountered. Download here
  • fruit ninja(clone): not as fun as the iphone version, lacks graphic intensity but has good replay value , game works with both touch and non touch . not as fun on non touch
  • Asphalt 3 3D Street Rules: decent graphics , lotsa parts for customization good range of cars too .2nd best 3d racer after highspeed 3d download here
  • nescube:play nintendo nes games on j2me really nice has offline mode to open files from memcard (mario , contra etc) Download here
  • 3D solid weapon 2:Realistic and exciting action game.Really Spectacular 3d graphics in this covert mission game Download here
  • Frog burst: It wasn’t your fault that the spill happened and contaminated the local lake, and made all the frogs into killer amphibians! now you need to solve the problem ensure the perfect chain reaction to kill the frogs good puzzler high replay value(touch & non touch) Download Here

while many phones do support multitasking most Nokia s40 phones (like my x2-00) don't.
but there is a way to get these s40 phones do multitasking , but that is for another post i will write in future....