31 August 2012

Dilemma of the year:buy a tablet or upgrade my phone?

Hey guys ,
Recently I had this dilemma of buying a tablet or upgrading to a smartphone ,And i am sure there are many others like me....there are perks to both so  choosing  between the two options can be a really tough decision ,after all you can't just go back and choose again now can you ?, the dilemma actually arises because of the blurring line that separates the two categories of gadgets..

A phone can fit in your pocket and can still function as a mini computer,but the screen size is not ideal for watching videos and reading eBooks,whereas a tablet is good for both the aforementioned tasks and has an ample screen size for  all your content consumption needs but the problem with tablets  is that they are nearly half as portable as smart phones

Of course, if you got an unlimited stash of cash you can go ahead and buy both but I , and many others , don't and so , I had to make this really tough decision and in this post I will be comparing the merits and demerits of both the devices,so that hopefully others like me will find it easier to decide
Oh and in the end I bought a tablet, galaxy tab p3100 in case anyone's interested ^o^.

SmartPhones : Phones have a smaller size and are ideal for those who want to stay connected on the go , but size is a two edged sword for both the devices while it makes a phone more portable it also makes it a pain to read books and browsing full blown websites is out of question only the mini-fied phone versions are usable, another good thing about phones is that because they have a smaller screen to power, usually their battery backup is a significant bit  higher with that also comes the added ability to carry a spare battery as in most phones as the back panel is removable .

Tablets: On the clear contrary to phones tablets have a biggo screen and  so they are ideal choice for couch videos and bedtime reading but are not as portable as their phone counterpart,with that said ,although if you get one of the  7 " inch ones , they are fairly easy to carry around in one hand and their screen size allows you to do much more than just consume content. you can use them as your document reader, sure , but you can also create documents , take notes and if you use a mini Bluetooth keyboard case they transform into net books....Battery life on the other hand is not as good as the phone counterpart , my tablet , for example runs for about 6-7 hours of casual continued usage , comparing that to a full day on decent-level smartphone this is easily a bummer

So, in my opinion buy a new phone if you are using a phone that is not giving you battery backup or such technical faults , or if you are using a dumb phone that can not even play songs ...but if you already have a phone that can play songs ,take pictures and do other basic stuff ,or a smartphone that is 2-3 years old, I would suggest to hang on to it and enter the new and wonderful world world of tablets that awaits for you , I did and I don't think I am leaving Anytime soon ............

I personally only considered Android OS  for my choice of device , but if you wish you could consider other os like windows phone,BB10 (seriously don't even consider it's too weak ATM) , iOS, etc.But apart from iOS and android  they are not consistent across the two devices and will make your choice even more difficult.Either way those two are the major players in the market as of the time of writing of this post.....

what ever you chose be sure to like , comment and share .......

16 August 2012

Can you really get a free mobile talk-time ?

Hey guys ,
Today i want to clear up doubts that many people have about services, that claim to give you free mobile recharges and such goodies.... see the thing is nothing in this world is free ! and also they have to make a profit somewhere in this right ? so its probably a scam to get my personal details ?!

Well, many are!, though it is true that there are  genuine incentive programs on the internet that let you get these free goodies , how is it possible , you ask? well think of it like this you are told to see ads and then if you are interested by the add you sign up for the service or just see the ad and close it , now the incentive company makes profit by actually showing you these ads....here's a quote from Wikipedia on the matter

Incentive websites
A website which pays people in gifts or cash for completing provided offers and referring other people. These sites are sponsored by companies in order to advertise their products. The sites are in turn paid for advertising and attracting new clients. By collecting user data that the user submits, companies can target certain areas of clientele and offer products accordingly.

yes, they get payed for showing  ads by internet marketers of various companies ,you are given the task to see those ads, now they give you some sort of points per task you do then once you have a decent amount of points then you can simply redeem the goodies the program is offering.

Though not all of these programs are genuine and some that are take up a huge lot of time for a very   little incentive are just not worth the effort but there are a few programs that really are worth the effort
The best way to analyse this sort of program is by doing a Google research , this makes sure that the service is legitimate and you save yourself the from the risk of identity theft

In particular there is a service called Embeepay (link after the article) that i myself have been using and i have got about a few hundreds of Rupees worth of goodies (cell phone talk-time) without spending more than 15-30 mins per day , sounds too good to be true right ? well it is true and i can tell you how it works, basically you get mobile recharge for a set number of points,at the time of writing one could get a recharge of 100rs for about 300points  ,which as a first time user you can get in about 2-3 days ,since you get points for validating your number and devices and email and stuff ,(remember it's 15-30 min per day approx. but in the first few days you might have to spend a little longer) then it depends on the number of friends you invite since that gives you 1 pt per 10points they get also for there is a bonus for adding 5 friends.. all you need to do is use it's Facebook app and play a few videos in one tab (you can mute them as well )   and go about doing your stuff on other tab soon you will get the points for the task , there's also daily 5 pt for login and these videos combined you can get about 10-15 points per day without any friend invites or signups to websites , so 30 days are enough to get a recharge of 100rs and now you can use that money you saved to buy yourself that beautiful/worthy thing you like in tha' mall....

Personally i have been using it for about 3-4 months and i have got about 650rs of recharge ,i availed many bonuses like i have 7 friends signed up so they earn points and i get loyalty points also i have got the 2 time recharge in 60 day reward and all , so basically it is a decent way to get free recharge ...

if you still don't believe me do a Google search you'll see :)

Link to Embeepay Facebook app here , remember it is a Facebook app so you must give it permission though i usually tend to and advice you to select the post visibility to only me option on Facebook..just in case :)
Have fun !

04 August 2012

Should you upgrade your RAM ?

Hey guys , 
        I recently upgraded my Pc's RAM form 1GB single channel to 2GB dual channel.....and to say the truth i do see a decent speed boost and although i admit that it has removed most of the hangs for me ... it is, yet another myth that more RAM Always equals Faster PC ,well, in some cases of heavy multitasking and/or gaming , it is true that a larger ram will mean less page-file/swap-disk usage , thereby increasing the speed of switching between apps and decreasing load times for textures,but ,actually this extra RAM gives your PC no extra processing power ,so things like video conversion will still take lots of time and In theory, more RAM can be mildly harmful to your productivity ,because now that you can keep more Data in your RAM ,you'd want to process that faster too , meaning higher processor usage,more heat generation and for laptop users lower battery backup,thus shifting the bottleneck from memory to the processor and giving you only a minimal boost on older systems with lesser processing abilities this is so small that it is unnoticeable without doing a benchmark test , also another thing to consider is what is the point in having 4 Gigs of RAM if the PC in question  is only being used to check you mail , read blogs ,connect via social networks and watch movies/web video with occasional photo editing ? , no right your PC most probably can handle this just fine..

       I'll say NO, more RAM is not always the best for your PC but if you are using windows 7 on 32-bit system with 1.8GHz (or atleast 1.2 GHz ) dual core processor and many a' times do lotsa multitasking between web browser(4-5 tabs), Photoshop or video editing software and have a few VM running,  then 1GB ( or lower )RAM is too little and i know that it gets real frustrating experience.......
       so go out there and get some !! (RAM [pun intended] ) it's cheap ,like i got mine ,a Transcend DDR2 800MHz ,under a 1000 INR only that's about 17 USD....but before you go on a shopping spree check out your RAM configurations like is there and empty slot? or would you have to replace the previous ram.what generation of ram you need etcetra etcetra

02 August 2012

Privacy, secret agent style

hey guys,
i thought i would do a post for those of you who value your privacy
but don't want the hassle of having to enter a password every time you lock your computer down
and get back from that niffy thing your someone called you for ........ or what about people coming and sitting right over your shoulder when you are using your computer ? don't we all hate that huh?......
well i got things you probably never even heard of so let's cut the intro and get to point shall we ?

Privacy monitor

      This is the  ultimate privacy technique i have seen yet and by far it is not for the weak of the heart ....you need to modify a friggin' monitor!(partly). Finally you can do something with that old LCD monitor you have in the garage or wherever ,You can turn it into your very own privacy monitor!, It looks all white to everybody except you, because you are wearing "magic" glasses! cool eh? All you really have to have is a pair of old   glasses, x-acto knife or a box cutter and some solvent (paint thinner) and ofcourse an old(or new?) LCD monitor see if you can get one on the cheaps..
screwdriver or a drill,paper towels,superglue etc common stuff right?
(check out the DiY here)  you wont be able to watch movies together with some one unless you make extra glasses  but for the result it is a small price to pay , perhaps, this could be your secondary monitor who knows!!!! it's definatly on my to do list once i have 2 LCD's

 Pen-drive key

If you use a password to prevent access to your computer , you are missing out on an alternate,more secure,and quick way to lock/unlock  your computer.come on using your pendrive for security is cool as it is ,but it means an added layer to the security predator a program designed specifically for that is  a free Windows software ,that  turns your USB drive into a key and locks your computer when ever it's removed. To unlock your computer, you'll have to plug the USB drive back in. if Having a secret-agent-style security was not enough if someone attempts to access your computer without the USB flash drive they will be displayed the classic/epic "Access Denied" message with a siren beep from your speakers.
are you convinced yet? then  follow these steps 

  1. Download and install Predator (D'oh)
  2. Once Predator launches,you must  plug in your USB drive. nothing on the drive will be deleted or changed, so you can  use your primary USB drive aswell.....
  3. once you insert the drive, a dialog box appears asking you to create a password. Click OK to continue.In the Preferences window, take note of a few key settings. First, enter a secure, unique password in the "New password" field. If you lose your USB drive, you'll use it to unlock your computer.
  4. In the Preferences window, take note of a few key settings. First, enter a secure, unique password in the "New password" field. If you lose your USB drive, you'll use this to unlock your computer.for extra security , you can use the Always Required box so you'll be asked to enter the password as-well as  thumbdrive to unlock your PC.
  5. lastly , in the Flash Drives  section , select your USB  drive and , click "Create key" and then OK.
Predator will now exit. When it does, click the Predator icon in the taskbar to restart the program. 
A few seconds later, the icon will turn green, alerting you that Predator is running.
Every 30 seconds, Predator will check to see that your USB drive is plugged in. 
If it isn't, your computer will dim and lock down. more info

Tell me about how you protect your PC ? what were your experiences with the above tricks? have a trick of your own share with me in the comments and don't forget to like us on fb.....

01 August 2012

Hack your nokia s40 to multitask

Looking for a way to monetize your android or Ios app ?

I've been using Startapp ,in my android app I have integrated it, in my game Space Zombiesand its fairly easy to integrate and they have bonus cash to earn based on your current earning , they support multiple platforms , from HTML5 to JAVA application to Unity  , give them a shot !

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  Hello guys, now i am going to show you how you can hack your nokia s40 phone.
Doing this will  remove security and get the ability to multitask , this can particularly be useful if you like to chat while browsing the web or you want to use apps like Sms-Schedulers,ram boosters etc.......
let's get on with the process

Disclaimer:i take no responsibility if you mess up your phone or your phone gets bricked proceed at your own risk though it wont break if you follow steps carefully ..... This process removes the security of your phone so do not use apps that require internet if you do not have a network plan ...........or you will suffer the consequence
  • Download and install J.A.F with Pkey emulator (download here) 
  • run the program through the Pkey emulator
  • now connect your phone via usb 
  • Goto “BB5″ Tab
  • Tick “read pp” button and hit service.
  • Now you will get the *.pp file [product profile] of your phone. save it on desktop 
  •  open that file with a text editors such as notepad .

for s40 v3 phones change the value of 28th line to 2 from 1,that is “28 2″
for s40 v5 and v6 phones change the value of 48th line to 2,that is “48 2″
some phones show only three fields on their pp file,then just add 48 2 below set 1 like this

  • Tick upload pp  
  • Hit service button
    your phone will now go into test mode,
    a pop window will appear,
  • choose the edited pp,
    J.A.F will upload pp file to your phone,
    finally the phone restarts,
    that’s it now you have hacked your phones security.

now let us talk about adding multitasking to your apps/midlets
After you have hacked your phone’s security , then take the application you want to minimize ,
extract that jar file to a folder (using winrar/winzip)
then modify “manifest.mf” file of that jar file,
it is found inside a folder manifest,
and add this code at very last line of the manifest.mf file,

Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: True

make sure that ‘MID’ in this  code stays in capitals,

Repack the jar file and install it in your mobile,and then run the application.
Now if you press the red button,the application will not ask you to exit,
rather it minimizes,clicking on the application again will restore it.

that's it for now,
 keep sharing keep growing 
Multitask works s40^5 and higher

what are your experiences with the minimize hack? 

what apps do you use the most for minimizing ?

Share your experiences with me in the comments and don't forget to like us on fb


Personalization on your s40 phone

Hey guys, i know we all like to have a good deal of customization on our phones, but, there are way too many sites (including Nokia's very own store) selling or showcasing themes that don't do much more than just changing the wallpaper !... so is there a way to combat that ? are there no good themes out there ? well that is not true i will now show you some of the best themes that i have found on the internet and hopefully you will like at-least few of them .....

Disclaimer: I do not take any credit for any of the themes in this post the themes are created by their respective creators and all credit shall go to them all premium items pay the creator and not this blog  

flash background new icons and a decent set of looks,
 this theme is perfect if you are a fan of galaxy s III

flash background which changes according to time,
 new icons and a good set of looks.
weather day and night status on home screen along with flash lite digital clock,
 calendar and battery indicator.android icons!! 

Digital clock, calendar, and weather day and night status .Device shows you the mobile model number and Platform showing the operating system of your device.i like the minimalist design

WpX series free theme for nokia X2-00 and similar phones. Phone with Windows-style theme is free for those of you who have Nokia X2-00, X2-02 and X2-05. Free with premium quality. try it now.
(Download color [Teal]-[Red]-[Green] )

Decent looking and premium feel

Symbian Anna like icons

The only premium theme on this list
(Buy here)[Rs. 5]

so you see there are very good themes available though it takes a while to find the gems .but that's what i am for right ? do you like these themes? are there other themes you want to share ? how do you personalize your phone share with me in the comments and don't forget to like us on Facebook.so until next time ,
"keep sharing keep growing" ^_^