16 August 2012

Can you really get a free mobile talk-time ?

Hey guys ,
Today i want to clear up doubts that many people have about services, that claim to give you free mobile recharges and such goodies.... see the thing is nothing in this world is free ! and also they have to make a profit somewhere in this right ? so its probably a scam to get my personal details ?!

Well, many are!, though it is true that there are  genuine incentive programs on the internet that let you get these free goodies , how is it possible , you ask? well think of it like this you are told to see ads and then if you are interested by the add you sign up for the service or just see the ad and close it , now the incentive company makes profit by actually showing you these ads....here's a quote from Wikipedia on the matter

Incentive websites
A website which pays people in gifts or cash for completing provided offers and referring other people. These sites are sponsored by companies in order to advertise their products. The sites are in turn paid for advertising and attracting new clients. By collecting user data that the user submits, companies can target certain areas of clientele and offer products accordingly.

yes, they get payed for showing  ads by internet marketers of various companies ,you are given the task to see those ads, now they give you some sort of points per task you do then once you have a decent amount of points then you can simply redeem the goodies the program is offering.

Though not all of these programs are genuine and some that are take up a huge lot of time for a very   little incentive are just not worth the effort but there are a few programs that really are worth the effort
The best way to analyse this sort of program is by doing a Google research , this makes sure that the service is legitimate and you save yourself the from the risk of identity theft

In particular there is a service called Embeepay (link after the article) that i myself have been using and i have got about a few hundreds of Rupees worth of goodies (cell phone talk-time) without spending more than 15-30 mins per day , sounds too good to be true right ? well it is true and i can tell you how it works, basically you get mobile recharge for a set number of points,at the time of writing one could get a recharge of 100rs for about 300points  ,which as a first time user you can get in about 2-3 days ,since you get points for validating your number and devices and email and stuff ,(remember it's 15-30 min per day approx. but in the first few days you might have to spend a little longer) then it depends on the number of friends you invite since that gives you 1 pt per 10points they get also for there is a bonus for adding 5 friends.. all you need to do is use it's Facebook app and play a few videos in one tab (you can mute them as well )   and go about doing your stuff on other tab soon you will get the points for the task , there's also daily 5 pt for login and these videos combined you can get about 10-15 points per day without any friend invites or signups to websites , so 30 days are enough to get a recharge of 100rs and now you can use that money you saved to buy yourself that beautiful/worthy thing you like in tha' mall....

Personally i have been using it for about 3-4 months and i have got about 650rs of recharge ,i availed many bonuses like i have 7 friends signed up so they earn points and i get loyalty points also i have got the 2 time recharge in 60 day reward and all , so basically it is a decent way to get free recharge ...

if you still don't believe me do a Google search you'll see :)

Link to Embeepay Facebook app here , remember it is a Facebook app so you must give it permission though i usually tend to and advice you to select the post visibility to only me option on Facebook..just in case :)
Have fun !

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