31 August 2012

Dilemma of the year:buy a tablet or upgrade my phone?

Hey guys ,
Recently I had this dilemma of buying a tablet or upgrading to a smartphone ,And i am sure there are many others like me....there are perks to both so  choosing  between the two options can be a really tough decision ,after all you can't just go back and choose again now can you ?, the dilemma actually arises because of the blurring line that separates the two categories of gadgets..

A phone can fit in your pocket and can still function as a mini computer,but the screen size is not ideal for watching videos and reading eBooks,whereas a tablet is good for both the aforementioned tasks and has an ample screen size for  all your content consumption needs but the problem with tablets  is that they are nearly half as portable as smart phones

Of course, if you got an unlimited stash of cash you can go ahead and buy both but I , and many others , don't and so , I had to make this really tough decision and in this post I will be comparing the merits and demerits of both the devices,so that hopefully others like me will find it easier to decide
Oh and in the end I bought a tablet, galaxy tab p3100 in case anyone's interested ^o^.

SmartPhones : Phones have a smaller size and are ideal for those who want to stay connected on the go , but size is a two edged sword for both the devices while it makes a phone more portable it also makes it a pain to read books and browsing full blown websites is out of question only the mini-fied phone versions are usable, another good thing about phones is that because they have a smaller screen to power, usually their battery backup is a significant bit  higher with that also comes the added ability to carry a spare battery as in most phones as the back panel is removable .

Tablets: On the clear contrary to phones tablets have a biggo screen and  so they are ideal choice for couch videos and bedtime reading but are not as portable as their phone counterpart,with that said ,although if you get one of the  7 " inch ones , they are fairly easy to carry around in one hand and their screen size allows you to do much more than just consume content. you can use them as your document reader, sure , but you can also create documents , take notes and if you use a mini Bluetooth keyboard case they transform into net books....Battery life on the other hand is not as good as the phone counterpart , my tablet , for example runs for about 6-7 hours of casual continued usage , comparing that to a full day on decent-level smartphone this is easily a bummer

So, in my opinion buy a new phone if you are using a phone that is not giving you battery backup or such technical faults , or if you are using a dumb phone that can not even play songs ...but if you already have a phone that can play songs ,take pictures and do other basic stuff ,or a smartphone that is 2-3 years old, I would suggest to hang on to it and enter the new and wonderful world world of tablets that awaits for you , I did and I don't think I am leaving Anytime soon ............

I personally only considered Android OS  for my choice of device , but if you wish you could consider other os like windows phone,BB10 (seriously don't even consider it's too weak ATM) , iOS, etc.But apart from iOS and android  they are not consistent across the two devices and will make your choice even more difficult.Either way those two are the major players in the market as of the time of writing of this post.....

what ever you chose be sure to like , comment and share .......

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