01 August 2012

Personalization on your s40 phone

Hey guys, i know we all like to have a good deal of customization on our phones, but, there are way too many sites (including Nokia's very own store) selling or showcasing themes that don't do much more than just changing the wallpaper !... so is there a way to combat that ? are there no good themes out there ? well that is not true i will now show you some of the best themes that i have found on the internet and hopefully you will like at-least few of them .....

Disclaimer: I do not take any credit for any of the themes in this post the themes are created by their respective creators and all credit shall go to them all premium items pay the creator and not this blog  

flash background new icons and a decent set of looks,
 this theme is perfect if you are a fan of galaxy s III

flash background which changes according to time,
 new icons and a good set of looks.
weather day and night status on home screen along with flash lite digital clock,
 calendar and battery indicator.android icons!! 

Digital clock, calendar, and weather day and night status .Device shows you the mobile model number and Platform showing the operating system of your device.i like the minimalist design

WpX series free theme for nokia X2-00 and similar phones. Phone with Windows-style theme is free for those of you who have Nokia X2-00, X2-02 and X2-05. Free with premium quality. try it now.
(Download color [Teal]-[Red]-[Green] )

Decent looking and premium feel

Symbian Anna like icons

The only premium theme on this list
(Buy here)[Rs. 5]

so you see there are very good themes available though it takes a while to find the gems .but that's what i am for right ? do you like these themes? are there other themes you want to share ? how do you personalize your phone share with me in the comments and don't forget to like us on Facebook.so until next time ,
"keep sharing keep growing" ^_^