04 August 2012

Should you upgrade your RAM ?

Hey guys , 
        I recently upgraded my Pc's RAM form 1GB single channel to 2GB dual channel.....and to say the truth i do see a decent speed boost and although i admit that it has removed most of the hangs for me ... it is, yet another myth that more RAM Always equals Faster PC ,well, in some cases of heavy multitasking and/or gaming , it is true that a larger ram will mean less page-file/swap-disk usage , thereby increasing the speed of switching between apps and decreasing load times for textures,but ,actually this extra RAM gives your PC no extra processing power ,so things like video conversion will still take lots of time and In theory, more RAM can be mildly harmful to your productivity ,because now that you can keep more Data in your RAM ,you'd want to process that faster too , meaning higher processor usage,more heat generation and for laptop users lower battery backup,thus shifting the bottleneck from memory to the processor and giving you only a minimal boost on older systems with lesser processing abilities this is so small that it is unnoticeable without doing a benchmark test , also another thing to consider is what is the point in having 4 Gigs of RAM if the PC in question  is only being used to check you mail , read blogs ,connect via social networks and watch movies/web video with occasional photo editing ? , no right your PC most probably can handle this just fine..

       I'll say NO, more RAM is not always the best for your PC but if you are using windows 7 on 32-bit system with 1.8GHz (or atleast 1.2 GHz ) dual core processor and many a' times do lotsa multitasking between web browser(4-5 tabs), Photoshop or video editing software and have a few VM running,  then 1GB ( or lower )RAM is too little and i know that it gets real frustrating experience.......
       so go out there and get some !! (RAM [pun intended] ) it's cheap ,like i got mine ,a Transcend DDR2 800MHz ,under a 1000 INR only that's about 17 USD....but before you go on a shopping spree check out your RAM configurations like is there and empty slot? or would you have to replace the previous ram.what generation of ram you need etcetra etcetra