31 October 2012

Reinstall windows , Painlessly

hey guys ,
At some point in time we all need to re-install our computers with windows , and the good thing about that is you get a cleaner more responsive System , but the bad thing is you have to spend a lot of time for installing and setting up drivers and necessary programs that you will use very frequently , then a lot of time tweaking the install of windows to your liking , the last one might not hold up for you but the others do right ?

Setting up dropbox

Hello Everyone,
Today in this post I show you how to setup a Dropbox on your computer. Dropbox is one of the most popular services to backup and share files online and it also help you in sync your files with many different computers and mobiles. Dropbox gives you 2 GB storage for free and you can expand it up to 8 GB by referring to your friends or buying more on Dropbox website.

30 October 2012

Bring classic Start back in windows 8

hello guys ,
if  you are  missing the classic Start Menu button in Windows 8, there are  many 3rd party alternatives available that will put a start menu on your taskbar and this guide will help you pick the best one for you !

If the only reason that you are not Upgrading to Windows 8, is because it does not have a classic ,mouse friendly ,start menu then, you can install a third party tool for that , which will put the Start Menu into your Windows 8 taskbar in desktop mode.That said, if you are new to Windows 8,i suggest that you play around with the system for some time and you will not feel the need for a start menu especially if you , like me , have a desktop list in your taskbar

Open desktop files without minimizing

Hi people ,
we have a really weird habit of saving every file we make on our desktops or inside a folder on desktop , but this must mean that every time you need a file you need to minimize everything and then open the file from desktop? but that is not true , read on ahead to find out how to open a file on desktop without minimizing ...

Cheap Wifi boost

yo guys,
let's face it we all are fed up of , weak wifi signal , but you can boost it with just a can of pepsi or beer , that's just awesome :) .head over to the post to read how ....
TECHNOPHILIA: Wifi boost: Images Courtesy of The Chive I love a good hack, especially one that requires me to throw back a cold one before hand (or during)... 
This simple wifi boost has actually been shown to increase signal strength by at least 2 to 4 bars. And, well, I will drink to that.These instructions came via WikiHow and we think they are most definitely worth checking out. 

27 October 2012

Gta vice city coming to android and ios

On October 29th rockstar game's grand theft auto : vice city , becomes 10 year old ,
and do you remember how those guys celebrate 10 year old birthdays? ,
that's right ,by giving us a mobile version of their game to play on our android and iOS devices :-)  ,
stay tuned more and more high quality games are coming for android too this time ,
I. Am super excited  because my tablet just needs some  more high end games like these ,
and I am getting those , so what about you are you going to try out gta vice city on your mobile device ?....
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26 October 2012

Install all programs you need silently

Previously ,
I have covered how to install windows silently , and that is really a time saver but what about all the different Software that you need to install now ? well there is a way to install those silently and quickly as well , all using a single installer ....
read on ahead to know how ...

25 October 2012

Windows 7 & 8 install silently

Using  an unattended or silent  Windows 7 installation DVD to install windows saves you a lot of time. You won't be entering any details like product key, keyboard type, time and currency format, and you will not be needed to click the next button for  every *duckling* step.

So with an unattended Windows 7 DVD or USB you can easily install Windows by giving it only a  a few minutes of your time!

Android apps for Computer

So guys ,
there are  quite a few apps that we want to run on  our pc , either because our phone is "not compatible" or liking to use a pc for that particular matter , well now we have got a software that can allow you to run an android application on a computer ...

Change lock screen

Hello guys,
As a Geek, one of the most frequent things that Iever  change  is my Gadget's look and feel after all we interact with it for a substantial amount of time for  so me to  want it to reflect my style

Today I will tell you about an  Android app called Magic Locker, this app makes the process of customizing your lockscreen very easy,Magic Locker is a very simple and at the same time a very powerful lock screen application for Android.

24 October 2012

Pc health

Today I learnt a very valuable lesson ,
That people don't care about the health of their system as long as it does what they want to do,
but what they do not realise is that, there will come such a time when their computers wear down due to no attention payed to it's health , then ,when their systems become completely unusable ,They will come running to Techies like me or call tech-support guys

Doctor who ftw ?!

so ,
it's been a few  busy days for me , i had my exams and i decided to make a blog full of doctor who stuff ,

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time travellinghumanoidalien known as the Doctor. He explores the universe in his 'TARDIS', a sentient,telepathic time-and-space-travel machine that flies through the time vortex. -wikipedia

    That's because that's my new thing , and while i have seen all the new episodes right now , i am waiting for the Christmas special and the new episodes next year anxiously , so for now , I am more focused on the classic who , which is essentially the original series that was aired back in the days of black and white tv .

yes ,you can notice that the scenes that need to be out of this world are made of things in miniature and
 then filmed with zoom to make the objects feel real-ish , but  it's still cool , explains all the history  ...
if you are interested in watching doctor who , at least the new series , i would not spoil it for you but remember , once you get in there's no coming back , alons-y?!

let me just mention that doctor who is the best thing that has happened to me recently , one fine addition to my Geeky lifestyle :)

if you want to read up more on this topic you can always ask Me in the Comments or Google :)
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iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7: Which is better

Have a look at this a very fine post comparing apple  ipad mini and google's nexus 7 tablet devices ,
iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7: Don't sound the death gong yet .this post really stands out from the rest because it does not have any form of fanboyism over there just plain old comparison ...

iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7" Apple, for example, devoted ample energy to pointing out how its new iPad Mini has a larger screen than Google's Nexus 7 -- and yep, it sure does. The "7.9-inch" figure listed for the iPad Mini's screen can tell you that. You know what else has a larger screen than the Nexus 7? Every other tablet with a screen size greater than 7 inches. A larger screen on a smaller tablet is not inherently better; the whole point of the smaller tablet is that, you know, it's smaller. By design. " 

very good point if you think about it , i mean a larger screen is good for doing many things but a smaller device has to be small enough , and apple has done that by  keeping the bezel less , Personally i like that approach  it gives me more screen real estate to play with

23 October 2012

PC maintenance

Hello guys ,
our computers are delicate pieces of technology and need care , but it's not only the hardware that needs cleaning and  protection , but the software end too ,does require maintenance so let us see  some simple things to do to keep your computer running snappy through out the years......  

Download Wikipedia !!

Hey there ,
Guys, let's face it we all use Wikipedia for most of our project research , and there are moments when we wish that we could save the page for offline viewing , but how do we do that ?
Read on to find out ...

22 October 2012

we have moved url

i have moved urls , which you already know but that means i need to reverify technorati :
so here you go !!


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A very intresting thing happened to me

Right now when I was  checking my blog views I saw this and this is totally so sure man , really it is a big coincidence that even our fb page has 44 likes ? I mean I am completely freaking out!!  :-)  any ways heres' the screenie

Scheduling your Facebook or twitter post

Hey Guys ,
So we all think of some interesting statuses but  we don't post them because
  • It's in the middle of the night 
  • It is just after I posted my previous status 
  • no one is online !(for facebook)
and so the idea slips our minds and we cant post them ever , don't worry my friend you can schedule your  thought and it will be posted on Facebook/twitter at your set time on your set date !!!

20 October 2012

First install applications for windows PC

 Hello guys,

Today I am going to share with you , The must have applications for anybody who just got  their computer at least for basic usage, all these apps are free or have a free versions. these are frankly the first things I install over a fresh install of windows , and I hope you all will love these apps , many of you would be familiar with most of these apps .

Online Hacking is very easy , even for noobs


Hello guys ,
We know for a fact that there are people, who will try to hack into other people's accounts, and the best way to protect yourself is to know how they manage to do it .....

19 October 2012

joystick not supported in game ?! Part II

hey guys ,
previously i have talked about joystick cursor tool , that lets you simulate a keyboard with a joystick ,
here is a similar tool called Joystick mouse tool it allows you to simulate the mouse on your computer  with a joystick , this means the games which require a mouse to play , can be played with the help of this tool .
everything is pretty much self explanatory in this program

18 October 2012

joystick not supported in game ?!

Hello people,
Have you ever played a game that is just awesome ,and would be even more awesome if it worked with a joystick ? but either your joystick is incompatible with the game  or the game does not have joystick support altogether .In such cases , you will not be able to use your joystick with the game as you would normally use it . you will require a translator that tells the game what keyboard action to perform when you press a Button on the joystick .

17 October 2012

Test unknown software ,securely

Hello there ,
if you are anything like me you try out any software that someone names to you , but while doing that you are exposing yourself to the potential of that software containing malware , although you might have anti-malware software installed  it is always a possibility that it might not detect the malware , so the advice ,"dont run any unknown software on your system"  was born. but i would say that it is a form of Escapism , why should i refrain from testing out a potentially useful piece of code ? That's right you should not , you can use a technique called "Sandboxing" to test software securely on your pc ,  read on to find out how...

Top 5 inexpensive gadget gifts

Buy Philips GoGear SoundDot 2 GB MP3 Player (Blue): Home Audio & MP3 Players
Hi guys ,
so, i thought about the fact that diwali and christmas  are nearing in on us , and just as in any festive season prices of gadgets are going to go a little down , so why not make the best of the opportunity and give your loved ones a taste of technology , all items in this post are available at flipkart.com and i will include a link to the same ,this list is for inexpensive gifts that are both useful and cool .

16 October 2012

End of life for optical storage ?

yo guys ,
Have you ever wondered weather or not optical media (cd/dvd and the like) dead ? well , for a long time they were the standard way of sharing files , backing up (apart from hard disks) and content delivery , but with the advent of higher speed internet connections and flash memory becoming comparatively cheaper , I feel that they are dying out ...

15 October 2012

Time tracking - the tale of RTC

Hey guys ,
sometimes it fascinates me that, we overlook the minute details of our life and go on ahead , one such detail is the the topic of this post .so , let me ask you one question , what happens when you power off your computer ? ,well the answer is simple it 'turns off' , now when you start it up again after a while , it still shows the correct time , how is that even without power supply that your computer could maintain time ? these are a few questions we will explore in this post .....

14 October 2012

Facebook security - real or virtual ?

yo guys,
In the world of today where Facebook is becoming more and more synonymous with internet or social networking , at the very least ,it has become the hub of most all of our social connections and so ,it is not surprising that many scammers  and people with a twisted sense of  'Fun' will try to get access to your account , this is either to misuse  your personal information , or to block your own access to your account and then watch as you try relentlessly to get in your own account .
 more on this after the break ....

Hot on the homescreen ,issue 1

Issue 1
Hot on the home screen is a new part of the blog , where I bring you one of the many different and cool home screen themes and layouts for android devices , complete with images , download links , and tips to make them even better by adding your very own personal touch .......

11 October 2012

Undelete the files!Bring back my stuff!

yo guys ,
    we all know that ,when you delete a file (on windows ) it goes to that dustbin thingy known as the recycle bin .so, if by accident you delete a file you can recover it from there , but  ,in certain scenarios, this is not possible for example what if you  used "Shift+delete" short-cut , which means that it will bypass the recycle bin and get deleted for good ? or if you deleted a picture on your smartphone or camera ? in these cases, the deleted file will not be available in  recycle bin.
what to do then ?

   well , do not panic if you just deleted the file and did not do much else on the computer yet the file might still be recoverable . first we have to see the concept behind it & how is it possible? read on further  beyond the break  .

04 October 2012

Spice up your old s40 feature phone

yo guys,
i have done quite a few posts on nokia s40 phones, on this blog and this post is a collaboration of all those posts . s40 phones have a brilliant battery , and that's because they don't do much  , let's change that  a bit ,shall we ?

01 October 2012

Google Chrome’s Tab management features

yo guys,
Today i am going to share a few  really simple features that Google Chrome, the browser we all love and use ,comes with for tab management while browsing the vast seas of the web .....

Nokia screen Dumper:screenies for s40

Hey guys ,
Sometimes we need to take screenshots of our mobile's screen,may it be to share a bug or to share an app etc, and it is fairly straight forward in most latest phones.but in those superb battery life wielding Nokia S40 feature phones , it's like an impossible task to do .
The process is fairly simple , but you need to use a pc/ laptop and a data cable to take the screenshots,
now then let's begin .