25 October 2012

Android apps for Computer

So guys ,
there are  quite a few apps that we want to run on  our pc , either because our phone is "not compatible" or liking to use a pc for that particular matter , well now we have got a software that can allow you to run an android application on a computer ...

Run android apps on your Computer

This application is called bluestacks app player , you can find the official page here .Essentially , what this app does is that is emulates an entire android device on top of your windows pc.thus, enabling you to run the apps that other wise would not run on a pc .

This is could , yet be used as  another form of sandboxing and testing an application ,before  actually using  it on your phone or tablet , to prevent a Mal-ware attack if you downloaded it from some unknown location on the inter-webs ,

Getting Bluestacks app player

  • To get Bluestacks app player go here 
  • click download now , let it download , it's only about 10MB  so must not take too long 
  • Install required .net files , on windows 8 it prompts you automatically 
  • go ahead and run the installer and once it's done installing the files , you can run bluestacks app player 

Getting apps and misc.

bluestacks has integration with many app stores, to provide  a decent selection of applications  amazon appstore , getjar , are just a few to name ,also running games will require you to have a graphics card capable enough 

if you want to read up more on this topic you can always ask Me in the Comments or Google :)
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