30 October 2012

Bring classic Start back in windows 8

hello guys ,
if  you are  missing the classic Start Menu button in Windows 8, there are  many 3rd party alternatives available that will put a start menu on your taskbar and this guide will help you pick the best one for you !

If the only reason that you are not Upgrading to Windows 8, is because it does not have a classic ,mouse friendly ,start menu then, you can install a third party tool for that , which will put the Start Menu into your Windows 8 taskbar in desktop mode.That said, if you are new to Windows 8,i suggest that you play around with the system for some time and you will not feel the need for a start menu especially if you , like me , have a desktop list in your taskbar

Here is the list of all those that i have seen to be the most popular third party tools that  will put the Start Menu into your Windows 8 taskbar in desktop mode..

Win8StartButton brings the best of both worlds. while It does  add a Start Menu button to your Windows 8 taskbar but the layout of the start menu is more like a diminished version of the "Modern style" Start Screen of Windows 8. When you open the Start Menu, the search box stays in focus so you can even type a few characters to quickly open any software program.the only issue is that some of the options are written in German.

Start8 by Stardock is “the” best Start Menu alternative for Windows 8. It offers a polished and beautiful layout with support for search and one-click access to your My Documents, Pictures and other common folders.Also, if you aren’t a huge fan of the new tiles based Start Screen of Windows 8, you can configure Start8 such that it will boot your computer directly into the Desktop mode. A single user license is $5 though a 30-day trial is available.

Start Is Back is a still-in-development Start Menu button that looks very promising. You can customize the layout of the Start Button (including the Windows orb), there’s an option to boot directly into the desktop mode and you can even choose to completely disable the menus that appear when you hover your mouse in the corners of your Windows 8 desktop.

Start Is Back is free at this time but that will change once it is out of beta.

I also tested the Vi Orb Start Button and while it is an impressive clone of the Windows 7 menu, the software will add useless Registry Cleaner programs to your computer and may therefore be avoided.

Classic Shell was originally created to bring the Windows XP style classic menu to users who were confused with the new Start Menu designs of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (isn’t that a similar to what's happening now lol). The menu has since then been updated to support Windows 8.In addition to the regular desktop-based programs, you can also use the Classic Shell to directly access the modern (Metro) apps from the Start Menu itself. The programs is free and much reliable as it has been around for a very long time.

 The $5 Start8 button from Stardock seems to be your best bet or you can go with Classic Shell Menu if you are looking for a free alternative . also please do note, that these alternative start utilities will use system resources , so on constrained systems that could be an issue ,slowing down your computer .

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