25 October 2012

Change lock screen

Hello guys,
As a Geek, one of the most frequent things that Iever  change  is my Gadget's look and feel after all we interact with it for a substantial amount of time for  so me to  want it to reflect my style

Today I will tell you about an  Android app called Magic Locker, this app makes the process of customizing your lockscreen very easy,Magic Locker is a very simple and at the same time a very powerful lock screen application for Android.

Getting started 

Download and install the Magic Locker main app from the Play store.
the main application comes with one theme inbuilt , Lost Robot, and it can be applied instantly to your lock screen .

Finding themes

To install more themes , we need to find the separate themes  on the android play store .doing a quick search for  MagicLockerTheme in the store should do the trick and once there you can install the ones you like.

you will get a theme application from the play store , run that application  and press Install this theme . The theme will then appear in the main application for Magic Locker.now ,you can change your theme to your heart's content ,by going in the  Magic Locker main app and apply the theme that you desire

if you want to read up more on this topic you can always ask Me in the Comments or Google :)

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