30 October 2012

Cheap Wifi boost

yo guys,
let's face it we all are fed up of , weak wifi signal , but you can boost it with just a can of pepsi or beer , that's just awesome :) .head over to the post to read how ....
TECHNOPHILIA: Wifi boost: Images Courtesy of The Chive I love a good hack, especially one that requires me to throw back a cold one before hand (or during)... 
This simple wifi boost has actually been shown to increase signal strength by at least 2 to 4 bars. And, well, I will drink to that.These instructions came via WikiHow and we think they are most definitely worth checking out. 

Although i would try this but i need a omni directional wifi signal , bt for those who need uni direction wifi this is the best way for a quick boost.
so, what is your take on this ,cheap  wifi signal booster?....

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