16 October 2012

End of life for optical storage ?

yo guys ,
Have you ever wondered weather or not optical media (cd/dvd and the like) dead ? well , for a long time they were the standard way of sharing files , backing up (apart from hard disks) and content delivery , but with the advent of higher speed internet connections and flash memory becoming comparatively cheaper , I feel that they are dying out ...

 pen-drives are the "in things" , not only are these drives little and compact they are much more resistant to wear and tear , and being re-writeable just wins me over for them also the amount of data you can store on some of the pen-drives is far greater than most optical storage solutions , blu-ray disks do have  the capacity to store a lot of data in them but are relatively less popular , here in India , one reason for the fact that these new advancement in optical technology takes a lot more time than that in flash-drives is the fact that older hardware used for reading the contend is not compatible , most of the times , but in the case of flash-drives ,while you might not get the fastest performance USB is backwards compatible, meaning the older hardware can , essentially,  read/write data on the newer drives this makes them more widely spread ,and frankly i have not used an optical drive for more than an year and i am completely getting my stuff done ,that said , there are some sections of the gadgetry which might still rely on optical drives  , some applications are ,

  • Gaming consoles , because having an unmodifiable storage format that is cheap to produce is ideal for games, at least until the world moves on to complete web based content , which I don't see happening in the near future 
  • Movies and shows , for the same reasons as the gaming consoles ,although web content delivery is much cheaper for content producers and the drift towards the same is inevitable
Truly, it is not long before these methods of storage will die out completely , one thing that i know for sure is that , they will continue to be there at least for a couple years after that i don't see it staying for longer than that ,and evidently as many computer manufacturers have removed the optical drives from  their products for the sake of portability or aesthetic reasons , this only proves that they see it as an optional addition to the product and not a vital part that it used to be ....   

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