20 October 2012

Online Hacking is very easy , even for noobs


Hello guys ,
We know for a fact that there are people, who will try to hack into other people's accounts, and the best way to protect yourself is to know how they manage to do it .....

So , Today I will tell you the easiest way in which a person's Facebook or gmail account can be hacked .
and I know it because I have tried it on my own friend list ,many many moons ago ,of course I told them all to change their passwords and all no harm done,bottom line is that it is very effective a method to gain passwords .although the process is more or less same for gmail i will generalize this post to facebook

So this is what the hacker does ,he first goes to the Facebook login page and saves it on his own computer . He then modifies the login page and creates a server-side script that will save the victims' passwords ,
he then looks for a server to host these files,In The next few moments ,he has a URL to a realistic looking fake-Facebook login page, he now sends this to people telling how great a web application  it is, but it requires a Facebook account or similar story to intrest the victims,and the victim unknowingly enters his or her details and hacker has now succeeded in obtaining your password ...
This method is called phishing and is applicable ,not only to facebook,but to a majority of the on-line services like email,banks,shopping,etc.

Do notice the fact that a person has your email address hacked means he has all your other passwords by using a simple password reset by using forgot my password link ......

So what to do to prevent this from happening?
So,you must check out the browser's URL bar before login , if it is not on domain of www.Facebook.com then it probably is a fake page,An easier way perhaps is to install a browser extension and stay phish free for  life many anti malware suites provide those.

Due to obvious reasons,the article does not tell you how exactly to do this process, this is an article for generating awareness about the tools the hacker possess and how one can be safe from the same  ... 

if you want to read up more on this topic you can always ask Me in the Comments or Google :)
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