14 October 2012

Facebook security - real or virtual ?

yo guys,
In the world of today where Facebook is becoming more and more synonymous with internet or social networking , at the very least ,it has become the hub of most all of our social connections and so ,it is not surprising that many scammers  and people with a twisted sense of  'Fun' will try to get access to your account , this is either to misuse  your personal information , or to block your own access to your account and then watch as you try relentlessly to get in your own account .
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Two common ways of getting closer to the victim , which for the scammer is you  , are to use a fake profile of a friend and sending you a private message saying " this is my new account add me " , most people wont think twice about adding such a person ,Another way is to make an entirely fake profile with every thing gathered from the internet and all information made up .Therefore ,Think twice before you go about your way accepting friend requests from random people that you don't know . If you're not sure weather it is a real profile or a fake profile of a friend you have already added as a friend on Facebook , then you must try this to make sure they are the real deal before adding

Ask them a few  questions ,  How did you come to know about  me?, if they are completely unknown.Ask them something you both know in common , if they are a friend already added ,Take a Look at their profile photo.Is it way too perfect or a casual click ? Use Google Image Search to look up the person's profile picture. Often,in the cases of fake profiles ,it is a generic photo taken from the internet.
Are they tagged in  a few photos? A real person is at least tagged in a few photos , and is the profile too idealistic ? for example no crazy pics, etc or an abnormally large or small number of friends ? is a large amount of friends situated in one area ? or are they spread across the globe ? because the more local friends they have the more their chances of being a real person .

also, if you find that they are not real ,then use report or block this person link , a  popup will come , just follow through those  steps  ....

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