01 October 2012

Google Chrome’s Tab management features

yo guys,
Today i am going to share a few  really simple features that Google Chrome, the browser we all love and use ,comes with for tab management while browsing the vast seas of the web .....

Pin tab

This feature lets you reduce the amount of space each tab takes on your screen, by showing only the favicon of the page,and not the page title.which you can see in the picture. pinning a tab also means that unless you close that tab it will stay open , even between sessions of browsing , this is great if you open a few pages every time you log on to your computer .Pinning a tab is a really easy thing to do , all you need to do is right click on a tab and select pin tab option ,as shown in the picture .

Close other tabs

This teeny weeny feature is really handy when you have 6-7 tabs (or more) open and want to focus all your
attention on a particular tab and close all other distracting tabs open , click this and all tabs except the tab you clicked on will be closed , all at once.

Close tabs to the right 

So basically you have a few work related  tabs open and a few  social networking tabs open just shift the tabs together in the right direction and rightclick the rightmost tab you need open and select close tabs to the right and presto , all that distraction gone !

Reopen closed tab

But what if you closed a tab you need ? , no need to fear ctrl+shift+T is here  yes this shortcut lets you open the last closed tab from your history , so if you accidentally closed a tab you can always use this instead of going all the way to browsing history ,morpheus is right i guess :)

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