01 October 2012

Nokia screen Dumper:screenies for s40

Hey guys ,
Sometimes we need to take screenshots of our mobile's screen,may it be to share a bug or to share an app etc, and it is fairly straight forward in most latest phones.but in those superb battery life wielding Nokia S40 feature phones , it's like an impossible task to do .
The process is fairly simple , but you need to use a pc/ laptop and a data cable to take the screenshots,
now then let's begin .

we need to use this software called Nokia screen dumper Download here
then , make sure all software from Nokia is closed, the likes of Nokia PC Suite, Ovi Suite, Nokia Software updater etc.
Run the Nokia Screen Dumper , you should see a splash screen like this 

connect the phone using the USB cable and select  PC Suite /Ovi Suite mode on the phone (if asked)

now on the computer go to Nokia Screen Dumper, and select: File>>Connect (a message box will appear to notify that connection is succeeded)

To take a Screenshot, click DUMP button in the lower left.(you must select java option to take screenshots of applications)

Now, it will show the screenshot in the box like the picture.you can now choose save dump option to save the screenshot as an image

To disconnect the device go to File>>Disconnect

have fun taking screenshots :)
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