24 October 2012

Pc health

Today I learnt a very valuable lesson ,
That people don't care about the health of their system as long as it does what they want to do,
but what they do not realise is that, there will come such a time when their computers wear down due to no attention payed to it's health , then ,when their systems become completely unusable ,They will come running to Techies like me or call tech-support guys

    I am not saying it is a bad thing they come and ask help, but the problem is still the same , in such cases if a tech-support person wants a quick, no hassle troubleshooting ,they will tell the owner of the computer that, there is no way to restore your files,I will have to format and reinstall windows and all the programs  and in a way make it seem like they did the best that they could, well may be they did .

    But if the techie is a relative or friend then they atleast go through a Linux live USB and save at least all the files that they can and believe me I have performed many surgeries for fixing broken windows installs ,
 taking and installing NTLDR (abbreviation of NT loader)  file to the broken install , repairing Master Boot Record (MBR), resetting passwords etc..

Better waste that one hour per month,cleaning and maintaining your system ,than to lose your entire work and files

And while i was combating such broken systems and spending hours on fixing them, I have learned a lot of things , one of which is better waste that one hour per month cleaning and maintaining your system ,than to lose your entire work and files...
below are some articles that I have written , that explain different things you can do

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