23 October 2012

PC maintenance

Hello guys ,
our computers are delicate pieces of technology and need care , but it's not only the hardware that needs cleaning and  protection , but the software end too ,does require maintenance so let us see  some simple things to do to keep your computer running snappy through out the years......  

Uninstall applications you do not use

 Uninstall any applications that you know you don't use any more.
Install only the software you know you and  will actually use frequently. In general the more the applications you install, the more your Windows system will slow down .

It is not a good idea to install anything and everything you come across unless you know you really need it and is recommended by a source you have come to trust. If trying out that particular software is really important to you then have a Sandboxing mechanism in place and remember to uninstall any applications that you know you don't use any more .

 Uninstalling will not only recover hard disk space but will also stop any background process that the application used, freeing up ram and processing power for other applications to run..

Clean your hard disk

Periodically clean your hard disk from temporary and junk files.

 You must periodically clean your hard disk for files that uninstalled applications created or perhaps just temperory files in the temp folder  they slow the pc down and use up precious hard disk space ,put %temp% in the run box to reach this folder or you can use one of the many available system cleaners .i personally like CCleaner - a great free program to clean out your PC,and Auslogics boost speed , although it is a shareware

To do this manually , go  to the Start button, select "Computer" or "My Computer," right click on a disk  drive, select "Properties" and then  click on "Disk Cleanup" and click  "All Users" if you get a popup window with that option.  Disk Cleanup will now calculate how much space you will be able to free up by this. Click to check the boxes in this window. If you want to change Disk Cleanup's recommended options , simply make sure that the box is checked to delete that category of files. And then click "Okay" . see? that wasn't too hard ?!.

De-fragment your hard disk

The files on your hard disk are stored in parts , and it takes time to load all the parts separately one by one,
so de-fragment your hard disk , because it joins those parts together and optimises your system ..

on windows 7 and windows 8 it is as easy as typing de-fragment in the search box of the start menu to get the default de-fragment application .select the drives and click de-fragment .Do not defragment any flash drives or ssd's they will likely break faster if you do that ....

Follow these three tips once every month and your computer will keep snappy for longer and you will have lesser problems :)

if you want to read up more on this topic you can always ask Me in the Comments or Google :)
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