22 October 2012

Scheduling your Facebook or twitter post

Hey Guys ,
So we all think of some interesting statuses but  we don't post them because
  • It's in the middle of the night 
  • It is just after I posted my previous status 
  • no one is online !(for facebook)
and so the idea slips our minds and we cant post them ever , don't worry my friend you can schedule your  thought and it will be posted on Facebook/twitter at your set time on your set date !!!

Later bro is a tiny little service that allows good chaps like us to schedule our twitter or Facebook posts and automatically post them at the right time , this means we don't have to worry about forgetting out thoughts
the entire process is broken down for you
  • All you have to do is to go here LaterBro.com 
  • Then give the application give access  to your Facebook/twitter account 
  • Go ahead and write your post that you want to schedule
  • Set date and time for when  the post is  to be scheduled
  • Set recurrence value to the as required (only for facebook)
  • select your Facebook account or your twitter account or both 
  • and hit post ...
       for Facebook pages , if you have set a starting date for your  business. just click the status box as if you were going to write a post.Next, click the little clock icon located on the bottom left of the box. If your Page is ready to schedule, you’ll see the option to add the year for the schedule date just above the clock icon. Otherwise, the “When Did Your Page Begin?” box will pop up so you can enter and save the correct information., all that is left for you to do is select the time and hit schedule .

that's it !, you are done the post will be published on your Facebook or twitter account at the time that  you selected :)

if you want to read up more on this topic you can always ask Me in the Comments or Google :)
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