11 October 2012

Undelete the files!Bring back my stuff!

yo guys ,
    we all know that ,when you delete a file (on windows ) it goes to that dustbin thingy known as the recycle bin .so, if by accident you delete a file you can recover it from there , but  ,in certain scenarios, this is not possible for example what if you  used "Shift+delete" short-cut , which means that it will bypass the recycle bin and get deleted for good ? or if you deleted a picture on your smartphone or camera ? in these cases, the deleted file will not be available in  recycle bin.
what to do then ?

   well , do not panic if you just deleted the file and did not do much else on the computer yet the file might still be recoverable . first we have to see the concept behind it & how is it possible? read on further  beyond the break  .
   The thing is that eve after you delete a file , the operating system does not erase the file from the storage media it only removes the reference of the file from it's file system table . This means that the file stays on the disk long after it is "deleted" up to the point where it is overwritten by another  newly created file , this also implies that until and unless the file has been overwritten , we can recover the data from the storage media .

This is exactly what programs like Recuva do , so let's go ahead and see the procedure of bringing the dead back to life =D....
Recuva Wizard
  • Download and install Recuva ,[Link]
  • Open recuva ,you will see the Recuva wizard 
  • Hit next , then select the type of files you want to recover ,select other for all types ,hit next.
  • Now select the location of the files you want to recover ,hit next and then hit scan.

Scanning the drives
  • Once the scan is completed , you will be displayed a list of all the files found like this.
List of files found
  • Different colours of icons mean different things , as follows
  • Red means unrecoverable,Orange means partially overwritten , and green means fully recoverable.
  • Select the files you want to recover and hit recover ,select the destination location and hit ok
  • Congratulations! you have recovered your file in the said folder. 

Some files cannot be fully recovered

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  1. thanks a lot this helped me recover my kids birthday video ! keep up the good work ! cheers