21 November 2012

Papercraft robo - too awesome to believe

   if I had not seen the video  I would not have believed that this robot , wind up toy , is actually made of paper ,for the most past, with only elastic band being the exception. it is made from paper  folded and glued .
if you see the video (embedded below), you will see the entire build stages (stop motion) , and the final moments of the video show the paper-bot-toy actually "walking"...

  Of course , a build like this , would require a lot of patience and a really steady hand to glue this stuff together... but the end results are just awesome and i reckon it was totally worth it ......

This robot is titled PR-Ⅲ, and is built by a Japanese person the original web page that documents the entire thing is here although you might want to try the translated version 

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