20 November 2012

Why Chrome for Android Tablets is not There,yet.

  While i agree that chrome for android is , probably the best browser you can get for your android tablet , at least for 4.0 and above, it still has a long way to go . Below I have listed a few things that Chrome for android needs to improve on ,

Please do note that ,this article has been written from a tablet point of view .

  • No recent Downloads page : I really don't see the point of not having a separate downloads page on a web browser. a downloads page that can both , display ongoing downloads as well as show your download history ,in my opinion , is a must have for any web browser . i believe it is not that hard to implement as well considering the amount of resources google has.

  •  No usable History page :   To be fair ,Google Chrome for android does have a history page , but it is not available from any sort of menu system , you have to go ahead and type chrome://history in the omnibox to reach it , and i think the reason for that is that it is highly impractical for touch input ,it is exactly like the older versions for  desktop versions of chrome.

  • No support for Themes and Extensions : while i would like get a swift browsing experience ,i would also like to have the ability to personalise my browser and to extend functionality by the use of themes and extensions..

  • Easier bookmarks bar : I would personally like to use my bookmarks from a more accessible place like probably a bookmarks bar below omnibox that appears when you do a swipe from the top .

So that's it folks! These are a few things that I would like chrome for android to have on my tablet . what are the things you would like chrome to have on your tablet ? write to us in the comments section below .

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