15 November 2012

Why a phone like UI is not good for android tablets

In today's world tablets are a lot much more than just smartphones with blown up screens . They now have apps that actually make them much more capable of content creationOK more like stripped down versions of desktop apps  but you get the point , and with any device the easier it is to use the device the easier it is to create content or even view stuff on it .

     The previously used tablet UI  took advantage of the fact that most people hold a tablet such that their thumbs are at either of the lower corners and allowed a user to easily  switch between apps on their tablets the newer UI on the other hand has the multitasking button in the center of the screen , it is almost like google wants someone to make psychically controlled tablets. 

    Another thing to consider is the multitasking tray , android's multitasking tray is actually a recent apps , good to start a closed app again and good enough for switching between apps as well, but the multitasking tray now takes up the entire screen for doing that means, whether you want  it or not , you have to use both of your hands to use a tablet now , even if you don't want to . The same argument stands when it comes to accessing your notifications , why swipe to open notifications when it is at my fingertips ? (read thumb-tips)

  So now , tell me what is the point of having a 7" tablet that you can hold in one hand ? you might as well pay a few bucks Extra and get a full blown 10" tablet ? at least you will get more screen real estate if not a better ui

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