02 December 2012

Bits N bytes

Hello guys ,
   Today I want to talk about data units,
 units used to measure the data you use in your day to day life , also transfer of data when measured by ISPs or even your network related software , like uTorrent.....


       A bit is the basic unit of information or data in computing and telecommunications , a bit can have only two values that is the value being  1 or 0 (one or zero) only. this is how the computer or data transfer devices see your data .since one bit denotes such a small amount of data that it is not practical to use it for measuring large amounts of data..


  A byte is more general purpose and commonly used data unit that is a collection of 8 bits .
  1 Byte  = 8 Bits
then there are kilo- , mega- , giga- and tera- pre fixes that multiply the value of one byte or their previous prefixes by 1024 , that is ,

    1 Kilobyte =1024 Byte
    1 Megabyte =1024 kilobyte ... and so on...

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