06 December 2012

is it a bike ? is it a helicopter ? no it's hover bike !!!

 This Hoverbike probably takes the grand prize for “Most Freaking Cool Invention” from me !

This video gamey sci fi-ish seeming  bike is a multi-purpose  superlight aircraft ,that's correct aircraft , this one qualifies as one !!!  powered by an 80 kW, twin 4-stroke engine. Potential uses for such an awesome  looking bike includes but is not in freaking hell limited to , surveillance from the air , search & rescue , show off , Military and Emergency Services ,racing and  much more awesomeness

The Hoverbike:

Can fly up to 10,000 feet, which is yet to be tested
Weighs only 240 lbs and can lift up to an additional 400 lbs
with motorcycle-like operation, handlebar with controls for speed &stuff
Is made of top-grade carbon fiber (including the propellers), helping it achieve up to a 100-mile range
Has a theoretical top-speed of 150 aeronautical knots/hour (about 172 mph in ground measure =D )
It’s still in the prototype phase, but rest assured, when this baby is official, it’ll make the once-futuristic Segway seem like last year’s CRT TV..

a quote from the official site on pricing  :
We are not in the production phase yet, so we cannot give you a finalized price structure, but as a guide, when we can sell at least 100 units a year the cost with current material prices and labor will be $45,000AUD +/-$5000. As with all goods, economy of scale will bring the price down. At 1000 units a year the cost will be similar to a performance motorcycle! (on-going development cost due to testing may vary this a little)
If you would like to buy a prototype now, and do your own testing - or just to help us quicken the development time with extra funding, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Check out the official site here

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