06 December 2012

Perpetual folder creating Batch script

Hi guys,
 Today I will show you to make a harmless but fun little script in notepad that that makes
indefinite number of folders inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder.... well you get the idea.

     Its really easy and if you title it appropriately that the user is interested to open it you can have some fun with it . you can run this on your own computer it's pretty harmless .


1. Open Notepad and copy paste the following code in it.

@echo off
md lifeofagadgetgeek
cd lifeofagadgetgeek
goto l

2. Save it on desktop with "virus.bat" or "anything.bat".
3. Double click on this batch file to see its effect.

How it works 

first you tell the command prompt to stop displaying a output values for further actions by the command @echo off
then you set a label  :1 so that you can loop to it at the end of the script with goto l, thus the indefinite effect .
then md means make a folder(directory) and cd means go in that folder (change directory )
and lifeofagadgetgeek is just the folder name

if you want to read up more on this topic you can always ask Me in the Comments or Google :)
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