03 December 2012

Speed of the internet ....

Hello guys ,
   This post is about , internet speed that ISPs advertise but supposedly do not provide ....
 let us see if this really is the case ...

Internet speeds 

    Many of us feel that our ISP do not provide us with the promised speed of , say 2 Mbps or  something as such ,but in reality we get around only 200 KBps  ,so are our ISPs lying ? are they advertising false speeds to lure us to buy their plans ?  that is not totally true , if you don't already know the concept of bits  I recommend you read this post first : Bits N Bytes  .

  The thing is that ISPs usually advertise their speeds in terms of mbps , now the thing is that mbps can be expanded ,both, as megabytes per second & similarly as megabits per second . but both are very different .
    as we know , 
       1 byte = 8 bits 
and thus  ,
     1 megabytes = 8 megabits

therefore, it seems that you have been promised eight times the speed that you actually get .
let me explain with an example ,

2 megabits per second = 0.25 megabytes per second or 256 kilo bytes per second

Calculate your own speed here

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