29 December 2012

Why big tech companies should invest in india - geek thoughts

     We know that most the nexus line is not available in India through official distribution channel but only available through a few online retailers, Google doesn't even have it's play store , devices section , here in India , and even when the nexus 7 was made available .it was made available for a price almost double to what was the current price in the states at that time , what i don't understand is , why do these companies give such a surrogate mother treatment to the customers in India , i mean at the end of the day it is the second largest country in terms of population and as such there is a vast market for these low cost yet , well built devices .

               I can understand that they don't wish to release a device in India in the  first release phase , but i believe  that India should be included in  the second or at least third phase of the release .we Indians  have a reputation of loving good quality products , Nokia is a very good example of that, there was a time when Nokia was practically the only preferred brand of mobiles sold in India.

           There is a big market for these companies to expand and make a lot of profit , i mean there is no eBook rental company that is as prominent as amazon kindle is in the US , India is truly an untapped market , and frankly had I ,and I know many of you too , been allowed to get all my music for a nominal fee for download when i was younger , without the need to buy a disk in the store , I would have paid than pirated them on the internet , now of course i have moved towards services like YouTube and SoundCloud for practically all my music needs....

Let us only hope that big companies like these do get into India quicker and help in the progress of our country , and make money on the side :)

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