20 January 2013

Find stuff with just a picture - Reverse image search

        There are times when you have an image and want to search for similar images or perhaps even find the source website of that image , maybe find a higher resolution version . In such times you might want to use the image itself to search rather than keywords , which increases your chances of getting quality results
this type of search where you search for  similar images by supplying an image is called Reverse image search.

     Google image search has this feature , to use it just click the camera icon in the search bar , doing so will open an input box where you can enter the URL of the source image , or you can use the Upload an image option to use an image you have on your computer . once your file is loaded you will have your results in a similar way to the screenshot displayed below.

         I searched an image from the Classic Doctor who series and the image search found me some pretty relevant results . as you can infer from the screenshot the search not only uses your image but it guesses some keywords for you , all said and done this is a very quick way to find images on the internet . There, hopefully that helped.

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