28 January 2013

The next level of multitasking - floating browser flux!

   so have you ever have this situation that you are chatting with someone and you want to watch a video on YouTube but your android tablet will stop the video if you switch apps ? worry no more because i have an app that will change the way you use your tablet

    Floating apps are not a new thing there are many floating calculators and video players available in the android play store , there are even some other floating browsers , but none is as advanced and feature rich as "Floating browser flux! "  this browser not only allows you to create multiple floating windows over what ever it is that you are doing , it allows you to have bookmarks , take screenshots of webpages , hide in notifications  and the killer is ,  it supports flash ,on select devices anyways.

Now that, is awesome!

   you can download floating browser flux here , once downloaded it can be launched via your app drawer or by clicking a link and selecting floating browser in the options .and watch as it  takes your multitasking habits to the next level .

  I have been using floating browser for a while now and it seems to be a pretty good and stable browser , it does tend to use a lot of memory if you , like me , open 5 or 6 tabs at the same time  but otherwise it works just awesomely on my galaxy tab 2 which only has a dual core CPU and just 1 GB RAM.the app should work fine on phones but i am not sure how that will play out ... ciao!

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