07 January 2013

why i have (almost) moved on to Google plus -geeky thoughts

Facebook is the most popular social networking site out there at this moment , and it is pretty good too . It has a lots of features and is still relatively very easy to use (think orkut). But for me Facebook has recently become ,more of an annoyance , than a way to connect and interact  with the people (in my life?), that i wish to be in touch with .

     It is like i am getting a lot of information about what unimportant things  are happening on the Facebook-y side of the internet . for example I see in my news feed , that , someone i know has commented on a page about something that i don't know or care about and i have not even 'liked' the said page, yes I know it's good stuff if you are a  stalker , shame on you , but maybe Facebook could you know atleast have an interests based system , say that if i have  'liked' a page related to an anime and someone I know happens to comment on a different page related to anime then they show it in my feed not otherwise ..

Social games also have the reputation of being one of the things that  destroyed the experience on Facebook , I mean, I usually get atleast about  3-5 notifications that involve a game invite or a 'gift', and that , is on a good day,there's also a featured story that goes along the lines of , some random person you hardly know and  12 others played these games , and then there's a list of games that they played , but why would ,like ever, I need to know that, you play "put some stupid name of a game here" ?

Then there are also those pictures that ask you to comment or like for something and you tend to happily do that ,  things like 'like' for apple and comment for  Microsoft and both for life of a gadget geek :D ,all that does is that makes their Facebook page or profile seem more influential to Facebook and other services like klout...

Again , this is not to say that i don't use Facebook , I do use Facebook and i don't think that i will be stopping anytime soon , because all my friends use it and it is practically the only way i can contact them online so , no choice there I guess but Google+ is much better in these regards , no featured posts ,no unwanted clutter , unless you allow all of the stuff from explore/hot! section

So i really really want you guys to try G+ be sure to follow me if you do ,  my profile is at Prashant Mohta G+

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