19 March 2013

Robot that can make and launch paper planes !

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a robot is a machine that can do something autonomously right ? and with the rise of the DIY or do it yourself communities it has never been so easy to enter the world of robotics if you need a head start you can check out instructables.com , it has a lots of good guides that will get you started in robotics.

Okay! so this is a paper airplane making and launching robot that was made with LEGO !  , it uses 2  Lego Mindstorms NXT Computers for controlling the servos and motors ,  and it took about 600 hours to build with more than 6000 bricks this piece of work is awesome in every way imaginable !

DISCLAIMER : i did not build it i am only sharing the awesome with you guys .... all credit goes to the creator                                                                                                           
check out the video below to see this baby in action !

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