04 July 2015

Download Subtitles Directly From Within VLC media player

      You just downloaded that latest episode of your favorite TV show on torrent, but it doesn't have any subtitles, well you have 2 options , either google for the subtitles and then try to download the right subs or use VLC media player's plugin VLSub, I'll show you how.

  1. Open the video file and pause it , on the menu bar at the top click on view .
  2. Hit "Download Subtitles" , you should see a dialog box like so 
  3. Okay , now all you need to do is search for the subs , there are two options here , "search by hash" and "search by name" , usually a search by hash will get you subs that are properly synced , but if that doesn't work , simply search by name and then correct the sync yourself (if it isn't already proper.)
    once the search is complete you should see a list of subs like this
  4. Now just select a subtitle file and hit download  , that's it ,enjoy your subs! 
The subs are downloaded and stored in the same folder as the video file , so this only needs to be done once. also u need atleast VLC media player  2.2 for VLSub to work ...

should u encounter any other issues , or if VLSub isnt installed by default , please check the VLSub plugin page

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