04 July 2015

Syncing the sound or the subtitles to the video

    Some times the sound or the subtitles on our videos just aren't properly synced with the video , basically they're either too early or too late , this takes away the entire fun from watching the Movie or the TV episode that we've waited for such a long time to watch..

Thankfully, there's an easy fix if you're using VLC media player(other players might have the feature as well) , we've already spoken about how we can download Subtitles easily using VLC media player , so let's see how we can fix the track sync as well .

  1. Open your video and click on tools in the menu bar at the top 

  2. Click on track synchronization , and you should see something like the picture below

  3. Now , depending on which track you need to sync with the video , the subtitles or the audio , use the appropriate input boxes' arrows to sync the tracks , hitting the up arrow will cause the track to be delayed and hitting the down arrow will cause it to be hastened 
  4. Keep a close eye at the video to properly sync the track with the video,you may have to wait a moment after you alter the value, to see the result in the playback window.
  5. Once you're happy with the sync , hit close and enjoy your Movie or Episode ....
if the subtitles are not staying on the screen long enough or are staying on too long , you can try playing around with the subtitle speed and duration factor to find the correct values and don't worry , should you mess up , you can always click the reset button in the upper right of the synchronization tab (the two blue arrows), to reset the tracks.


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