10 March 2016

The tricks to a good HTML5 game - Part 3 - Touch events and Modular code

Making an HTML5 game , Like any other programming project, comes with it's own peculiarities .As I worked on Space Zombies ,I noticed the seemingly "easy" way of doing things is actually less productive and at times can even reduce performance.

This is part 3 in a series of posts , read the first part about animations and game loop here.and the second part about canvas redraws and clearing here .

03 January 2016

Fixing Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 jerky scroll issue - Video

     A few months back I got this awesome pair of wireless keyboard and mouse from Microsoft, Yes you do need a dongle in one of the USB ports but it makes them so much easier to set up and use !
recently i had to change the batteries in my mouse for the first time, and after that i noticed that the scroll wheel was acting up , when ever i would scroll the motion would be jerky and some times it would jump back in the opposite direction .