03 January 2016

Fixing Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 jerky scroll issue - Video

     A few months back I got this awesome pair of wireless keyboard and mouse from Microsoft, Yes you do need a dongle in one of the USB ports but it makes them so much easier to set up and use !
recently i had to change the batteries in my mouse for the first time, and after that i noticed that the scroll wheel was acting up , when ever i would scroll the motion would be jerky and some times it would jump back in the opposite direction .

 Googling this found me little to no solutions online, till i found this video by YouTube user punkpanther oddly enough he has only one video up .
   Basically this issue occurs due to dirt making it difficult for the Scroll wheel to function properly , in my case , after I opened up the mouse I found multiple strands of hair (no idea how they got in , probably through the scroll wheel ?)and a lot of dust accumulated on the inside of it , using a pair of tweezers and some tissue I cleaned the thing up good, and connected everything to make sure it was working and voila ! it was as good as new !

 if you prefer text instructions (Modified according to what i did), 

You'll need:
- Phillips screwdriver (that's small + shaped screwdrivers ,if you didn't know)
- A Tissue
- Tweezers 

1. Disassemble the mouse. Look for the screws under the bottom rubber piece and below the battery.
2. Take a rolled up piece of the tissue in the tweezers 
3. Remove the battery holder and its connecting wire 
4. Clean the entire insides of the mouse
5. Connect the internals back and test the scroll wheel
6. Assemble mouse back in the same order. Check for polarity on battery module (+ is red).
7. Done!

Here is the video of instructions that punkpanther has uploaded :

   I hope this helps someone else too, if it helped you , let me know in the comments below :) thanks for reading.