05 May 2015

Best of Logg | Coming back soon

Hey guys , I know I've been very inactive and that's because i hardly got any time from my college and studies but as more and more time passes i miss the blog more and more , so I've decided to start posting again , and what better way to kick that off , than with a list of the best and the handiest tips I've shared.

2.Google Chrome 
3.Reinstall windows silently

I will be back soon , with much more content. keep checking this space :)

24 June 2013

Making a new user/profile in Google chrome

    So there are times when  you wanna use two Facebook accounts , or maybe separate your "work" internet history , from your "personal" internet history . maybe you want a different set of extensions active at different times . solution ? make a new (or multiple if you prefer) Google chrome profile , with different browser cookies , history files , bookmarks  etc. let's get on with it !