18 November 2011

Nokia s40 hack for internal browser

Nokia X2-00 hack for internal browser
( works on other s40 nokia models)
two ways to reach the trick are present let us look at them

  1. The true "hack" (a bug left out ) (may work on other models)
  2. The html file loader (may not work on other models)
The first, true hack
steps are

  • Go to media player's now playing screen  (pic1)
  • go options>>more>>downloads>>go to address  
  • you will get a box with "rtsp://" in it 
  • replace that with "http://www.google.com" or (other address you wish)
    but, http:// is mandatory as it defines to use http protocol 

address box

Final result

 Second, if you want a more quicker way to access this internal browser
 (that has great support for css and javascript and html )

1.create an html file with the following html code in it 

<title>Internal browser </title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function delayer(){
window.location = document.getElementById("url").value
<body >

<hr>This and many other tricks @ http://gadget-geek-prashant.blogspot.com<br>please don't remove this link
Enter the url to browse the web using internal browser <hr>
Enter Url: <input id="url" type="text" name="url" value="http://www.google.com"/>
<input type="button" value="Go" onclick="delayer()"/>

 2.save and transfer that file to your phone
 3.browse to it in gallery and open the file
 4.go options>>add to web services
 5.select "Internal browser " for the shortcut on the shortcut bar (in the category web services)

Enjoy the better html rendering of the internal browser ,
but remember it will take a little while to load files of large resource size (>300kb)

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