01 August 2012

Hack your nokia s40 to multitask

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  Hello guys, now i am going to show you how you can hack your nokia s40 phone.
Doing this will  remove security and get the ability to multitask , this can particularly be useful if you like to chat while browsing the web or you want to use apps like Sms-Schedulers,ram boosters etc.......
let's get on with the process

Disclaimer:i take no responsibility if you mess up your phone or your phone gets bricked proceed at your own risk though it wont break if you follow steps carefully ..... This process removes the security of your phone so do not use apps that require internet if you do not have a network plan ...........or you will suffer the consequence
  • Download and install J.A.F with Pkey emulator (download here) 
  • run the program through the Pkey emulator
  • now connect your phone via usb 
  • Goto “BB5″ Tab
  • Tick “read pp” button and hit service.
  • Now you will get the *.pp file [product profile] of your phone. save it on desktop 
  •  open that file with a text editors such as notepad .

for s40 v3 phones change the value of 28th line to 2 from 1,that is “28 2″
for s40 v5 and v6 phones change the value of 48th line to 2,that is “48 2″
some phones show only three fields on their pp file,then just add 48 2 below set 1 like this

  • Tick upload pp  
  • Hit service button
    your phone will now go into test mode,
    a pop window will appear,
  • choose the edited pp,
    J.A.F will upload pp file to your phone,
    finally the phone restarts,
    that’s it now you have hacked your phones security.

now let us talk about adding multitasking to your apps/midlets
After you have hacked your phone’s security , then take the application you want to minimize ,
extract that jar file to a folder (using winrar/winzip)
then modify “manifest.mf” file of that jar file,
it is found inside a folder manifest,
and add this code at very last line of the manifest.mf file,

Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: True

make sure that ‘MID’ in this  code stays in capitals,

Repack the jar file and install it in your mobile,and then run the application.
Now if you press the red button,the application will not ask you to exit,
rather it minimizes,clicking on the application again will restore it.

that's it for now,
 keep sharing keep growing 
Multitask works s40^5 and higher

what are your experiences with the minimize hack? 

what apps do you use the most for minimizing ?

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