19 October 2012

joystick not supported in game ?! Part II

hey guys ,
previously i have talked about joystick cursor tool , that lets you simulate a keyboard with a joystick ,
here is a similar tool called Joystick mouse tool it allows you to simulate the mouse on your computer  with a joystick , this means the games which require a mouse to play , can be played with the help of this tool .
everything is pretty much self explanatory in this program

After  right clicking on the tray icon the following options are available:

  • Relative movement mode like a mouse:Moving speed can be adjusted via trackbar.
  • Deadzone setting allows adjusting the range of the center position according to the joystick precision.
  • Absolute mode like a graphic tablet
  • Mouse wheel emulation,The mouse wheel can be mapped to one of the joystick axes available.Mouse wheel speed can be adjusted independently
  • Extra mouse button emulation (if the joystick has more than 3 buttons)
  • A drop-down box where one can select the joystick to use.By assigning any joystick button as unlock button mouse movements and button presses will only be simulated when the unlock button is pressed,Any of the simulated mouse buttons can be assigned to a certain joystick button using the drop-down fields at the bottom.

For further reading head on to the official manual

Official download: http://www.deinmeister.de/joymse.zip
Official mannual:http://www.deinmeister.de/joymse_e.htm

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