18 October 2012

joystick not supported in game ?!

Hello people,
Have you ever played a game that is just awesome ,and would be even more awesome if it worked with a joystick ? but either your joystick is incompatible with the game  or the game does not have joystick support altogether .In such cases , you will not be able to use your joystick with the game as you would normally use it . you will require a translator that tells the game what keyboard action to perform when you press a Button on the joystick .

JoystickCursorTool , or in short joycur , is a small utility for simulating keyboard keys using a joystick.
The Joystick Cursor Tool also supports multiple settings for various purposes , it also has a portable mode that allows  you to move the settings to a different computer or to store them in different locations by renaming or copying the file. In order to reuse it, just pass it on the command line or drag&drop it onto the tools program icon . to activate it just select the portable mode check-box in lower right .it is really responsive and works really well in my experience , although the interface is really self explanatory , the following will guide you through the essentials

Joycur window 

The left side of the window contains up to 128 fields each referring to a single key on the keyboard. more can be added using the + and deleted using the  - button.The right side of the window  is a matrix in which each row refers to the key in the field next to it. Each column refers to the joystick key / axis position noted on top. The topmost line of the matrix shows the current state of the joystick so you can know which button is being pressed.

 Key assignment is very easy 

Press the Key field you want to modify. that is when it will  change to -- Choose key --
Move the axis or press the joystick button(s) you want to use. The associated row on the top in the left side reflects the current joystick state. Once you´ve found a suitable setting , press the keyboard key you want to triger with that action on the joystick .

Repeat this process for every key you want to assign.
this is a two part manual read part two here :Joystick not supported in game? part ii

For further reading head on to the official manual

official mannual :http://www.deinmeister.de/joycur_e.htm
official download:http://www.deinmeister.de/joycur.zip

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