01 February 2013

How to make a successful Facebook page that people love to follow ...

        Creating successful Facebook pages is always a tough job , especially if you are a blogger , but  if you follow a few tricks then  you do not need to spend all your time just for promoting the page instead your subscribers will do that for you!

       Here are a few techniques that will help your Facebook page to be more influential and easily get more fans .Remember  our motive here is to make such an effective social presence that gets you more traffic to your blog or website .

Share interesting stuff

        This goes without saying , if you want people to be interested in your posts then give them posts on interesting topics , topics that can create a debate between your readers are also very good . since a debate will ultimately result in more comments on your post , this does not mean that you must use controversial topics  .

Share on a regular basis 

         an inactive page is as useful as a non existing one , be active in posting interesting updates on your page and make sure you are posting relevant posts , but exercise caution when posting frequently , post too much too frequently and people will unlike your page for spamming . maintain a healthy amount of posts per day , 4-5 well separated posts should be good enough. you can also schedule your posts to make it easier for you to post at a regular interval.

Engage with your fans 

      when you post interesting stuff , people will interact with you via comments , make sure you reply to them and engage with them because  that will keep them coming for more later , after all everyone loves a healthy conversation .

Use photos when sharing links

      when sharing links on your page try to upload a picture and add your link in the description of the picture the reason for doing that is Facebook shows images a lot bigger than it does  links , Thus , you have a larger chance of capturing an audience for your link than you do by just sharing the link .

Use catchy captions for your photos 

      while doing the previous tip can help you a lot , it's effectiveness can be increased by using effective captions and exploiting the curious nature of people , just post a teaser image with a catchy caption , for eg."OMG now you can recharge your cellphone battery in a second!!!" and watch your visitors pouring in

Fill in your about or description sections  

         filling your about section allows your potential fans to know what the page is all about and that will  make them want to follow your page , so be sure to be appealing and concise about what your fan page exactly is about .

    There you go these are a few things that , if done correctly , can boost your Facebook fan page likes to upto  60% higher, although that depends on your abilities of doing so , personally i have tried my best to use these  tips and have got about 10 new likes per month where previously i was getting only 2-3 new likes per month .

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