21 December 2012

Recharge your mobile phone battery in a second ?

      Imagine plugging your cellphone for charging for 30 seconds and having a full charge after that !
   A new break through in  capacitor technology ,dubbed super super capacitor, could provide enough energy to power a cell phone for weeks or a laptop battery for days . and it could be used to recharge the battery in a few seconds!

    I believe that such new technology will take some improving before it can hit the market , but it promises lighter , longer lasting , quickly recharging devices , also being made of carbon , it is Eco-friendly.

The Super Supercapacitor | Brian Golden Davis

Capacitors just like batteries, store energy but capacitor can release that energy in a very short time. However, in contrast to batteries, a capacitor cannot store enough energy to power anything that lasts longer than a flash -- some fraction of a second.

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