31 October 2012

Reinstall windows , Painlessly

hey guys ,
At some point in time we all need to re-install our computers with windows , and the good thing about that is you get a cleaner more responsive System , but the bad thing is you have to spend a lot of time for installing and setting up drivers and necessary programs that you will use very frequently , then a lot of time tweaking the install of windows to your liking , the last one might not hold up for you but the others do right ?

Use a silent installer for windows

Using  a silent installer for windows can save you a lot of time  , installing silently means that while installing the setup will not ask you for details , those you have to enter before the installation starts , so you can start the installer ,keep it running ,go out and have a snack ,come back and it's done !!!
Find out how to silently install windows here

Install frequently used programs in a single silent  installer 

you can easily Install the frequently used or very essential software that you use a lot ,all at once , in a single installer , no malware , no toolbar ,no next clicking , no pesky agreement check boxes...  just get's the job done , again you don't have to ,necessarily ,do any thing other than starting up the installer and letting it do it's job , but i suggest you keep it overnight in case you happen to a big Pachage with a lot of stuff to download

Restore your files with a cloud sync service like Dropbox 

Businesses around the world use Dropbox for Teams.The best thing about using a cloud storage service like drop box is that you can get all your files just by installing and logging in to the client provided , then leave the computer overnight and you have got all your files back where they should be or maybe you might just need to copy past some stuff but it's better than mannually doing all the backup work right ?

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