24 June 2013

Making a new user/profile in Google chrome

    So there are times when  you wanna use two Facebook accounts , or maybe separate your "work" internet history , from your "personal" internet history . maybe you want a different set of extensions active at different times . solution ? make a new (or multiple if you prefer) Google chrome profile , with different browser cookies , history files , bookmarks  etc. let's get on with it ! 

12 March 2013

How to check your internet speeds? - Techtrivia

So Do you wanna check your internet connection speed ? 
Wanna check if your ISP is providing the best service ? ! 

First of all close all other programs and tabs in your browser !
                                                     not doing this gives inaccurate results

  1. Open speedtest.net
  2. Click begin test 
  3. Sit back and wait for the results 
  4. And.... you're done !

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07 March 2013

Type in hindi , on android devices ......


    Typing in Hindi just got easier on android devices , with Google releasing it's Hindi transliteration keyboard "Google Hindi Input " , It allows you to type messages, update on social networks or compose emails in Hindi on your Android phone !

23 February 2013

Facebook Flaw allows complete control over your account !

   To many people , their Facebook account is a major part of their online presence , if not the only one . People share boatloads of their lives on this social network and interact with all their friends and family through it , Facebook  is practically the whole internet for quite a few people , and as such there are a lot of privacy concerns on the social network.

    By using Facebook's API even third party web developers can get access to a very large audience ,and  many apps do post spam and irrelevant things via their user's profile , all in an attempt to get more users  to use their app , thankfully , there is a permission system whereby you can disallow an app to post things that, you do not want to share .

Image credit
   but ,it seems this security has it's flaws , +Nir Goldshlager  has found a security flaw in this technique of securing the users account that allows a third party to get complete access to your account,

I wanted something more powerful!,

Something that will give me full permissions (read inbox, outbox, manage pages, manage ads,access to private photos, videos, etc.) on the victim's account without any installed application on the victim and make Facebook do the Goldshake ;),

  The hack works by utilizing the fact that Facebook has it's own "apps" that use these API and are completely trusted , hence , you don't need to allow Facebook messenger permission but Ebuddy or Nimbuzz will ask you for them . by using this one simple fact Nir was able to employ his previous findings and get complete access to the users account , without the user ever clicking the "allow" button. for more check out the video below and Nir's post 

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18 February 2013

tech trivia - post blue status on Facebook !

Today i am going to show you how to post a status in blue color on Facebook .

17 February 2013

how to avoid spreading Facebook spam apps


          There are many Facebook apps that post things on your behalf , but sometimes a few of these apps will post things  regardless of the fact whether you want them to , or not , these types of apps generally come under the category of spamming apps , it is because people don't pay much attention before allowing an app the permission to post that these apps get the same , one simple way to ensure that an app does not post things is discussed here .

 on the app page simply select the option to make the posts to be visible only to you like the below image shows , this is also possible to do on  the  app permissions page ,

once you have done this whenever that app posts any thing on your behalf it would look like this in your news feed ,

Read More:

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tech trivia - reopen closed tab!

    if you accidentally closed a tab (or a few tabs) in your web browser , then you can re open them with a simple  shortcut , 

this shortcut works in +Mozilla Firefox  as well as in  +Google Chrome 

for more Google chrome tab management tricks head over to the Chrome tab management post

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07 February 2013

The ultimate dryness formula ? Ultra-Ever Dry?

Previously , I have talked about the Hoverbike , a bike that flies in the air and today I am going to talk about  the Ultra-Ever Dry .

       if you want some thing that can protect your stuff from getting wet or dirty ? , get this thing , it's called Ultra-Ever Dry , it's actually just a coating that can be applied to almost any material , the ones stated on their web site  as ideal choices are steel, aluminum, other metals, plastic, leather, fabric, wood, concrete, etc.

01 February 2013

Techtrivia - task manager shortcut

      After years of using ctrl + alt + del to open task manager , since Windows Vista , Microsoft has changed the ctrl + alt + del shortcut  to take you to a screen that gives you options similar to the one in the screenshot below .

and you had to click on task manager if you wanted to open it , turns out that the actual shortcut for task manager now  is

 ctrl + shift + esc 

which, by the way works in windows 8 as well .

thanks to this post from  +Rahul Roy  

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How to make a successful Facebook page that people love to follow ...

        Creating successful Facebook pages is always a tough job , especially if you are a blogger , but  if you follow a few tricks then  you do not need to spend all your time just for promoting the page instead your subscribers will do that for you!

       Here are a few techniques that will help your Facebook page to be more influential and easily get more fans .Remember  our motive here is to make such an effective social presence that gets you more traffic to your blog or website .

28 January 2013

The next level of multitasking - floating browser flux!

   so have you ever have this situation that you are chatting with someone and you want to watch a video on YouTube but your android tablet will stop the video if you switch apps ? worry no more because i have an app that will change the way you use your tablet

    Floating apps are not a new thing there are many floating calculators and video players available in the android play store , there are even some other floating browsers , but none is as advanced and feature rich as "Floating browser flux! "  this browser not only allows you to create multiple floating windows over what ever it is that you are doing , it allows you to have bookmarks , take screenshots of webpages , hide in notifications  and the killer is ,  it supports flash ,on select devices anyways.

Now that, is awesome!

   you can download floating browser flux here , once downloaded it can be launched via your app drawer or by clicking a link and selecting floating browser in the options .and watch as it  takes your multitasking habits to the next level .

  I have been using floating browser for a while now and it seems to be a pretty good and stable browser , it does tend to use a lot of memory if you , like me , open 5 or 6 tabs at the same time  but otherwise it works just awesomely on my galaxy tab 2 which only has a dual core CPU and just 1 GB RAM.the app should work fine on phones but i am not sure how that will play out ... ciao!

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24 January 2013

Analyzing the new Facebook graph search - geeky thoughts

         Since my exams just got over today I decided to procrastinate for the rest of the day  and which site better to do that than Facebook ? interestingly, as I opened Facebook I was greeted with a message that said " Explore the new graph search ".. and as any normal curious person would do I accepted the offer...

    The most immediate changes that I noticed were that now my notifications and messages buttons were on the right side of the screen and instead of Facebook logo and search bar there was just an icon and "search for people places and things" respectively , on further inspection I found out that the text was actually a pace holder that became the search box upon clicking and that the icon now took you to the home page just like the logo used to do ,but there still exists a home button on the right  which does not make sense to me .

20 January 2013

Flexible OLED screen Demo from Samsung

           How would you like a flexible screen ? well the guys at Samsung showed off a flexible OLED display at CES 2013 event in Vegas , while the technology might not necessarily lead to flexible phones but might atleast , give rise to some interesting form factors and practically unbreakable screen (valid only for drops),anywho I will shut up now so that you can enjoy the video demonstration below

How to get a better Android music experience


      If you a music fan , you probably want your android device to be the perfect music box , but how to do so ,  is the question . There are many apps out there that will give you some sort of  volume boost or they might adjust certain frequencies to make the sound come out better , but nothing beats listening to a song that has all it's bass , even on the cheapest headphones you can get . even  if you are not an audiophile you might still like some improvement in your sound system , read on ahead to find how to improve sound quality on your android device.

Find stuff with just a picture - Reverse image search

        There are times when you have an image and want to search for similar images or perhaps even find the source website of that image , maybe find a higher resolution version . In such times you might want to use the image itself to search rather than keywords , which increases your chances of getting quality results
this type of search where you search for  similar images by supplying an image is called Reverse image search.

10 January 2013

How to shut down your windows 8 System - the easy way

Hey guys ,
   If you are one of the few who has jumped on the windows 8 bandwagon then you know that it is fundamentally different from the previous versions of windows and many people don't know a few things that you can do with this new system, for example the most straight forward way to shutdown the system is to sign off and then shutdown using the button on the log on screen .

Here i show you a way to achieve the same relatively quickly .

07 January 2013

why i have (almost) moved on to Google plus -geeky thoughts

Facebook is the most popular social networking site out there at this moment , and it is pretty good too . It has a lots of features and is still relatively very easy to use (think orkut). But for me Facebook has recently become ,more of an annoyance , than a way to connect and interact  with the people (in my life?), that i wish to be in touch with .

06 January 2013

how hot is your laptop ?

       Laptops , by design , do not have air circulation  as good as desktops can and as a result laptops tend to heat up a lot faster than a desktop computer. so it becomes vital at that point to make sure your laptop does not overheat , although the laptops that are made in the recent years will have a temperature sensor that will make sure that the temperature does not reach a point where the internals of your  laptop get damaged , it will instead crash your laptop  and you will lose all your work or gaming progress as games are very demanding on the processor and lead to generation of a lot of heat

03 January 2013

comments to be moderated from now on ahead

            Due to more and more spam on the Blog I havedecided to change the comments section to be moderated , and if I still get a lot of spam I might have to disable it :( but it is for the betterment of the blog so might have to cope with the loss of not having you guys' responses on the blog 

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